You don’t spend half of your day working in a different industry, so
why should your public relations partner?

At SideCar PR, we specialize in the commercial real estate industry because we believe that the best counsel comes from having a deep working understanding of the landscape in which you do business.

About SideCar PR

How We Work

First, we take the time to understand your communications needs and goals in the broader context of your business (and your bottom line). Then we work with you to identify the public relations and communications activities that will bring you the most meaningful results.

Our processes are simple and streamlined so that you always understand the value of what we do and exactly how our work impacts your business. At the beginning of the month, we outline our proposed activities and budget. Then we follow through on those activities, keeping you posted on our progress and tracking our results. At the end of the month, you get a detailed list of accomplishments.


Our mission at SideCar PR is to provide clients in the commercial real estate industry with straightforward public relations counsel to help them clearly communicate their platforms, products and ideas to the stakeholders that matter most to them.
  • We maintain a boutique firm to ensure each client receives a high-level of support and expertise.
  • We strive to simplify public relations and communications so that our clients understand the value of our services and exactly how our work impacts their business.
  • We build partnerships with our clients where we have a deep understanding of their businesses – not just a single pitch or project.


  • Integrity: In all dealings with clients, employees, stakeholders or media, we conduct ourselves with dignity and honesty.
  • Simplicity: We are here to make your life easier – not complicate it with unnecessary meetings or materials, complex billing, expensive brainstorm sessions or other ‘fluff’.
  • Agility: As a boutique firm, you will always have access to executive-level counsel, and we can move as quickly as necessary in any given situation.
  • Partnership: We strive to be an extension of your company. We work to understand your needs and tailor our efforts to provide you with the most value for your business.
Sarah Cullen, SideCar PR Founder and President

Sarah Cullen


An inspired combination of drive, intelligence and fun, Sarah Cullen leads those around her with grit and grace. Following the Great Recession – when many businesses were shuttering their doors – Sarah charged full force into a new endeavor that has turned into one of the most successful boutique PR firms in Denver. Continue reading>>
Alexis Jarvis, SideCar PR vice president & managing partner, california

Alexis Jarvis

vice president & managing partner, california

Alexis provides SideCar PR clients with counsel on communications strategy, messaging and program development. She brings more than a decade of public relations agency and corporate communications experience to her role at SideCar PR. Continue reading>>
David Gilles, Communications Director

David Gilles

david gilles, communications director

David offers our clients more than 12 years of communications experience. With expertise in writing, editing, public speaking and strategy, David believes in the power of good content and effective positioning to connect with key audiences. Continue reading>>
Kelly Jensen, SideCar PR Multimedia Director

Kelly Jensen

multimedia director

Kelly specializes in writing for digital platforms, creating engaging social media content, developing social strategy and photography/videography. She has an ear for a good story and an eye for how to make it stand out online. Continue reading>>
Bobby Windauer, SideCar PR Creative Director

Bobby Windauer

creative director

With a background in graphic design, illustration, web design, marketing and photography, Bobby is the genius behind SideCar PR’s creative efforts.Continue reading>>
Ryan Roccaforte, SideCar PR Account Director

Ryan Roccaforte

account director

A communications veteran, Ryan has more than 7 years of experience crafting earned, owned and social media strategies that persuade audiences to tune in and take action. Continue reading>>
Kyle Long, SideCar PR Operations & Experience Manager

Kyle Long

operations & experience manager

As Operations & Experience Manager at SideCar, Kyle brings a knack for developing efficient systems and curating human-centered experiences as well as a strong foundation in communications, program oversight and event management. Continue reading>>
Rachel Brannon, SideCar PR Associate

Rachel Brannon

senior pr associate

As PR Associate, Rachel brings both a public relations and journalism background to SideCar PR. With three years of public relations experience, she specializes in writing, media relations and creating engaging social media content. Continue reading>>
Cassidy Humphrey, SideCar PR Coordinator

Cassidy Humphrey

pr coordinator

Cassidy is a results-driven communicator with experience that spans traditional public relations and integrated marketing disciplines. As PR Coordinator, she expresses her passion for the built environment by developing strategies that advance clients’ communications objectives, with specializations in targeted media relations, content development and social media. Continue reading>>

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